We ran an in-house powder coating plant at our old Johannesburg operation during the '90s but decided against it when starting again in Melbourne because, other than that the powder slowly creeps into everything including our precious press brake and punch press machines, we knew what it really took to consistently achieve beautiful results and we were very happy to partner with a team that could focus their energy solely on this.

We met the Kapusta family soon after opening our doors in Bayswater in 2003, back when their business was a good bit smaller than it is now. It's no wonder that they've grown though - brothers Greg and Sam and their father Stan make and keep a promise about quality and consistency that hasn't changed as they've expanded their operation considerably over the years.

Time and care spent fabricating a sheet metal product can be made irrelevant if it's then poorly powder coated. Added to that, as powder coating is one of the final processes in the production cycle, you don't usually have a lot of time for fixing bodged jobs before you need to call your customer to tell them that the quick turnaround you promised them won't be so quick. The Excite team consistently helps us avoid those phone calls. Thank you guys.


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