In 2003 Headland supplied and commissioned our very first punch press, a Trumpf Trumatic 2000R. We'd used exactly this model in our South African business some years back so we already knew what it could do when properly tooled and operated - you could say we had high expectations.

This machine had to be shipped to Melbourne from Germany because at the time no others were available locally. Delivery and setup went off without a hitch and when she finally came to life and made all those familiar noises and motions, we got a much needed feeling of comfort at an uncertain time - the very beginning of our Australian adventure.

Over the years we called on Headland again for a Trumpf Trumabend C60 Press Brake, a Haeger inserting machine and most recently our Trumpf TruPunch 2020. Thanks guys, and a special thanks to serviceman Sharky who keeps our punch presses running beautifully. Cheers


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